Top Finance YouTubers in India(2023)

Posted On : 28-11-2022

Top Finance Youtubers in India

To gain financial success in your life, you must have stumbled upon questions like “how can I grow my money” or “how do I save more”. If we take these questions years back, these questions might only have been answered through consultations which were really expensive. But today the top finance YouTubers in India have made it possible by fulfilling exactly this need that provide complete knowledge about finance for free.

Now you must be thinking why are these top finance YouTube channels are the best places to avail this knowledge from; when a plethora of magazines, consultants etc. regarding it are available? Well, the core difference lies in the fact that the consultants or magazines will bombard you with terms or suggestions that will not be so easy to understand, however these finance YouTubers will make sure to teach you as creatively and easily as possible from basic to advanced levels in a better understandable way.

Once you get acquainted with all the necessary and specific topics you need, you will find yourself being more confident in facing any challenge financially and will make smarter decisions when it comes to taxes, flights, investing, saving or budgeting and so much more.

That is why financial content creators can be such a great resources as they are knowledgeable about the subject at hand. We've put together this list of top Indian finance YouTubers who are definitely worth following to help you sort through the good from the bad as the footprint of finance influencers are growing seeing the fact they post 5 times more than any other influencers on YouTube as per Businesswire.

Before diving into the top finance YouTube channels, let us look at who is a financial influencer or finfluencer:

Who Is A Finance influencer?

A financial influencer, or "finfluencer," is a person who imparts knowledge and guidance on a variety of financial issues to regular investors, such as stock market trading, personal finance, and mutual funds. They frequently upload videos to YouTube in Hindi or another regional language, which is their preferred social media platform. Or even "Hinglish," a mashup of Hindi and English, to entice newly minted investors from small towns who do not speak English and yes ofcourse in entire english too.

Finance youtubers also associate with leading influencer marketing agencies in India to grasp promotional/ product launches orders from finance brands. People of all tastes flock to them get the informed decisions about managing their finances. And now, here is our list of top financial content creators whom you should follow to stay ahead in your money management skills.

List of the Best Financial YouTube in India

Pranjal Kamra

Pranjal Kamra

Pranjal Kamra

Pranjal Kamra is referred to as India's investment guru or India’s top finance YouTuber! He began Finology in 2011 as a blog and in 2017 as a YouTube channel. Since then, his business has expanded greatly, and he has released numerous finance apps, books, and courses. The only investment consultancy from Chattisgarh that is registered with SEBI is Finology, by the way. In addition to being informative and vivid, Pranjal's videos on timely subjects like choosing the best funds for investment, obtaining better returns, etc. also draw on his personal experience of mistakes he made over the years while handling his own personal finances. As a result, watching his videos is like listening to a friend share life lessons.

Rachna Phadke Ranade

Rachna Phadke Ranade

CA Rachana Ranade started on YouTube in March 2009 and has since racked up millions of followers. In addition to having multiple degrees in Chartered Accountancy, Bachelor of Commerce (BCom), Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM), and Master of Business Studies (MBS), CA Rachana has more than ten years of experience teaching more than 10,000 students in person and more than 5 lakh students online. Building financial discipline among all people is the mission that motivates this dynamic woman. She makes an effort to lead this mission by producing well-made YouTube videos that instruct the general public on investments, savings, and other personal finances in the most straightforward ways.

Labour law advisor

Labour law advisor

Labour Law Advisor, which began in August 2017 with a focus on labour laws, has since broadened its scope to include more subjects related to personal financial management. The team creates videos on common personal finance topics like investing in mutual funds, debt funds, term insurance, health insurance, and ITR filing that are thoroughly researched and clearly explained. Along with producing content on less-common personal finance subjects like the step-by-step procedure for using a budgeting tool to manage your finances effectively, investment options for digital gold, the advantages and disadvantages of ULIPS and endowment plans, etc. You should not miss this channel as he is considered India’s top finance YouTuber.

Taskeen Basha

Taskeen Basha

Taskeen Basha started The Urban Fight as a fitness channel, but gradually the emphasis shifted to money management. In order to provide her audience with useful advice on how to choose the best investments and save money, Taskeen shared her own financial management experiences. She currently offers career advice on how to ace interviews, land your dream job, and excel in it on her YouTube channel in addition to financial advice on increasing wealth and saving money.

Ankur Warikoo

Ankur Warikoo

Ankur Warikoo is a well-known businessman, mentor, and speaker. He also actively invests as an angel investor, helping many Indian startups get off the ground. Ankur's videos offer some simple advice on starting a business, developing a career and investing along with podcasts with some of the leading professionals to help you make better decisions financially with examples that make it a great experience for his audience resulting in him being one of the finest finance YouTubers. Along with that, he also discusses in his videos the most recent stock market trends and other investment strategies, as well as loans, retirement plans, insurance plans, and other aspects of personal finance.

Prasad Lendwe

Convey By FinnovationZ

Prasad Lendwe founded FinnovationZ with the express purpose of educating his family and friends about the value of investments. What began as a YouTube channel eventually developed into a significant business. Prasad envisions a nation in which everyone is capable of managing their finances on their own. His videos serve as an in-depth tutorial on how to trade shares and build wealth through mutual funds, stocks, and other investments. His YouTube channel is excellent for beginners in this field because it offers great insight into trading, investments, scams, value investing, taxes, budgets, case studies, IPO analysis, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, mutual funds, book summaries, and stock analysis.

Anant Ladha

Invest Aaj For kal

In 2013, Anant Ladha launched the Invest Aaj For Kal YouTube channel. Anant holds a B.Com, a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation, a Chartered Accountant (CA) designation, a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation, FPSB certification in investment planning, and a number of other credentials making him one of the ideal financial advisors on YouTube. Anant teaches the general public about the stock market, investment options, strategy options, and fundamental financial literacy through his YouTube videos. His videos are excellent for those who are new to investing and don't know where to start. Making the best choices for one's personal finances is made easier with the help of Anant videos, which provide in-depth knowledge of the stock market.

Anish Singh Thakur


In November 2019, Blooming Bulls was established. Successful trading techniques, fundamental analysis, market analysis, forex trading, and other topics are covered on the channel. Hindustan Times and Times of India have both published articles about the company's founder, Anish Kumar Thakur. The "Millennium Brilliance Award" 2021 was given to the finance YouTuber in recognition of his efforts.

Anish has produced numerous videos and courses on a variety of trading-related topics, including the psychology of trading, futures and options, forex learning, market analysis, live trading, and fundamental analysis. For the purpose of educating his audience, he also examines case studies involving eminent Indian investors like Rakesh Jhunjhunwala. In addition, the finance YouTuber frequently hosts live Q&A sessions to address viewer questions.

Kunal Saraogi

Kunal Saraogi

Kunal Saraogi is a trader, investor, and certified SEBI research analyst. He has Assisted more than 3000 aspiring investors in achieving their financial objectives. With his self-developed trading techniques and strategies, Kunal has achieved that. EquityRush was founded by Kunal to serve as a platform for investors to learn the technical and quantitative analysis practices used by full-time professional investors and global equity and commodity markets. Thousands of people attend the workshops and seminars Kunal Saraogi hosts all over India.

The YouTuber has created an educational Finance YouTube channel in his effort to create independent traders in India. He has videos on business trading, options, funding, the market, LIC IPO schemes indicators, intraday strategies, etc.

Swati Kumari

B Wealthy

B Wealthy is all about assisting people in achieving financial success, as the name would imply. The B Wealthy YouTube channel, which is run by Swati Kumari, produces content that teaches people how to invest, save, earn, manage mutual funds, pays taxes, understand the stock market, and save as much as possible in order to become wealthy. In addition to running her YouTube channel, Swati serves as a consultant for major media organizations. In plain Hindi, her videos cover the essentials of investments, savings plans, taxes, etc. thereby assisting the general public with their personal finances. Make sure you check out the content of one of the best finance YouTubers in India.

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