About Us

What we do

Grynsta has grown into a prominent influencer marketing agency in India under the leadership of IIM and IIT alumni and experience accumulated through thousands of successful campaign executions. We have successfully forged relationships with 2,00,000 + content creators and social media influencers. Our experts have helped brands to achieve their goals, including generating brand awareness, increasing sales, market penetration, traffic amplification, quality content generation, and many more.

Develop customized strategies

We consider your goals and target audience before drafting strategies. Our campaign utilizes the right influencers, promotional channels, content ideas and creative angle to attract, engage and convert brand customers.

Find the right Influencers

We want our clients to achieve their objectives efficiently. Our talent acquisition team successfully identifies the right influencers for a campaign. This is followed by contacting Influencers and undertaking contract negotiations. The negotiation process covers pricing, legal obligations, copyright agreements and other partnership clauses.

Achieve your Goals

Grynsta aims to capitalize on the strengths of every influencer to achieve our client's goals. Our strategies used the right mix of Influencers from every category (Macro/Micro/Nano/Mid-tier).

Manage complete campaign

Our strategists design a road map for the entire campaign from start to finish. We ensure the completion of objectives at one stage and are prepared for the next. Our strategies are executed with planning and transparency to produce timely results.

Why choose us?


We are industry leaders with 6 + years of experience executing successful campaigns. Throughout the years, our team has grown in knowledge and strength. We understand our client's needs and utilize the right tactics to scale their business.


200 + brands from across the globe trust us with their influencer marketing campaigns.

Personal Attention

We give each of our clients our divided attention. All the resources and abilities are directed toward helping our clients meet their goals.

Data-driven approach

We use cutting-edge tools and Technologies to extract relevant metrics and scale our client's campaigns. This allows us to leverage the latest trend with user-generated content to target the right people at the right time and with the right message.

Mission and Vision

After becoming a significant influencer marketing agency in the country, Grynsta is on a mission to become the world's number one influencer marketing brand. We want to help brands achieve every goal with innovative strategies that utilize the power of influencer "word of mouth" marketing.

Our vision is to be the go-to agency that provides profitable influencer marketing solutions for businesses of any size and budget.